Why have a Silent Disco at your Wedding? / by Rik Toner

Why have a Silent Disco at your wedding? There's more reasons than you think!

We've spoke to several customers who have booked the equipment for their special day and the Silent Disco offers so many great pro's and options for your reception, we've listed a few of the most popular comments;

Choice of Music

Every wedding had a broad range of ages and types of people and the Silent Disco can cater for all. You could have pop music for the kids and teens, dance for the adults and swing for the grandparents attending.
For those not wanting to dance, they can still enjoy the entertainment of watching the room dance and sing on the headphones!

We had old skool dance on one channel and indie & pop music on the other, most went for the dance music, even my gran!
— Steve, Edinburgh

Late Night Noise Restrictions

The Silent Disco can overcome any late night noise restrictions your venue has in place. Some venues in Scotland require audible music to be switch off as early as 11pm meaning your reception cut short.

Our venue had an early noise curfew of 11pm and there was no way we wanted to call it a night so early, we were allowed to keep the party going til 2am!
— Vicky, Dundee

Something Completely Different

There's a high chance 99% of you wedding guests will have never attended or even heard of a Silent Disco, offering something new and different at your wedding always goes down a storm, the feedback we've had is that it was the guest's favourite part of the evening!

The silent disco was the best part of our wedding - everyone absolutely loved it.
— Kerry, Edinburgh

Value for Money

Weddings are very expensive and finding an affordable evening entertainment is almost impossible. Hiring a Silent Disco and providing your own music is a very inexpensive way to provide your guests with a brilliant reception they won't forget

Outstanding value for money
— Kerry, Edinburgh

Everyone up for it

Something the Silent Disco does is somehow gets everyone up dancing, you'll be surprised how much it gets everyone on the dance floor and really kick starts a reception, curiosity alone will entice all corners to get on board and those who don't you can take the headphones over to them for them to test it out.

Those who are normally shy of the dance floor find themselves in their own little world and not afraid to bust some moves thanks the effect of the headphones. somehow its more than just music, there is a real magical effect!
— Iain, Silent Knights

Chat Freely

Grandparents, distant cousins, distant friends or people who have just met that evening can all catch up and chat freely while the Silent Disco is in full swing without having to shout over loud music! Even those on the dancefloor can quickly remove the headphones and have a quick chat!

Please get in touch for booking or any questions about having a Silent Disco at your wedding!