Expanding our Horizons! / by Rik Toner

We are delighted to welcome some new equipment to Silent Knights allowing even more brilliant applications for the Silent Disco gear!

Firstly we now have battery powered radio transmitters meaning you can host a silent disco pretty much anywhere, electricity is not required for these units! Simply plug in your sources and let the fun begin! In the middle of a forest, an off the beaten track camp-site or perhaps the top of Ben Nevis, the possibilities are endless!

Next we have a great piece of equipment which again will expand the horizons of the Silent realm. This transmitter allows a microphone to be plugged in meaning you can speak directly to your listeners, ideal for tour guides, silent quizzes or perhaps silent disco yoga classes. An audio source can also be plugged in on the same channel. The transmitter can conveniently be clipped your belt.


Please get in touch now for more details or to make a booking as we reckon these will get snapped up fast!