It’s a unique and amazing experience to zone in to your yoga practice helped along with yogic chanting in your ears. This summer solstice we used Silent Knight technology & equipment to help us through 108 sun salutations, traditional to do on this day. The headsets were excellent, snug and stayed on throughout. What a great, fun addition to any exercise class. Well worth giving a go.
— Lindsay Porter, owner of Yoganuu

Silent Yoga

In April 2017 we launched a new Yoga experience; Headspace Yoga incorporates our wireless headphone technology to bring you a yoga class with a unique and immersive yoga experience.

For headspace yoga the user will wear headsets and have a crystal clear communication from the instructor via her radio mic, creating a yoga class with heightened clarity

Once the headphones are on the user will feel the rest of the world is cut out and you are in your own individual zone.

Our comfortable lightweight over-ear headphones are wire free meaning you can follow the manoeuvres with minimal obstruction.

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