Our Equipment

Please look below at our range of equipment. We have the latest state of the art headphones and transmitters, all kept in great condition for our events and dry hires.

OE-3ch LED Over-Ear.jpg

Harry Headphones

Harry is a headphone that likes to go one better at every opportunity. Lush loud sound, ultra comfort design and stunning bright LED lights that flash to the beat of your channel. The rechargeable battery can last up 8hrs, or longer when lights disabled.

OE-Stand-Up Over-Ear Trandsmitter.jpg

Donkey Transmitters

Donkey is the trustworthy transmitter at the heart of your system.
Donkey transmits music and speech so you can listen on multiple wireless headphones. Simple to use, just plug in your source and go!
Range: 100m
Mains powered.
Perfect For: House Party, Festival, Nightclub


Owl Rechargeable Transmitters

Owl is a rechargeable transmitter designed to let lots of people enjoy music or speech together, using compatible wireless headphones. Charge them up and take your silent disco to the most remote location, no electricity required!
Range: 100m
Battery without charge: 5hrs
Perfect For: Festival, BBQ, anywhere with no access to mains power.


Parakeet Transmitter

The Parakeet is a belt pack transmitter that allows you to plug in your trusty mp3 player as well as a microphone to speak and play audio simultaneously. Transmit over four channels Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. The Parakeet will carry your voice and music to anybody in a 50m radius.
Range: 50m
Battery without charge: 5hrs
Perfect For: Audio Tours, Yoga & Fitness Classes, Quizzes.


Music Sources

If you don't have your own music or playlists set-up we can provide tablets fully loaded with multiple genres of music, please ask about these when booking.

Your Own Music Sources

Our transmitters can connect to any audio source with an AUX output, whether is a single jack or double (red & white) output, we have adapters to suit. MP3 players, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Laptops, DJ Mixers, Home Hi-Fi, Portable CD Players and more will all work! If you don't have access to music sources we can hire out iPads fully loaded with music, please ask.